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Why choose Rentair?


v  Expert advice on hiring of portable
       climate control solutions

v  24-hour delivery- a perfect climate within 24 hours

v  Climate control solution tailored to your needs

v  Lowest prices in Belgium for portable airconditioners
        and building dryers

v  5% extra discount for repeat customers

v  Cut down your maintenance and purchasing cost

Customers about Rentair


 ballon  "Rentair meets and exceeds its obligations,
             within 24 hours the airconditioner was delivered to our office!"
             Jan Goossens 2013

 ballon  "Value for money"
            Guy Claes 2013
ballon   "A low cost supplier for portable air conditioning
             and cooling products"
            Jules Lejeune februari 2014

Rentair specializes in providing climate control solutions

Rentair makes hiring a mobile airconditioning unit, building dryer, or mobile heating system effortless and easy. Furthermore, if you need to hire a mobile ventilation system or a humidifier, Rentair is your company of choice.

We specialize in providing quality mobile climate control solutions to fix your temporary climate issues. Timely 24-hour delivery from our offices in Antwerp and Brussels is garanteed.

Installation at your location is provided by our well-trained technical staff. Hire mobile airco, mobile dryers, mobile heating systems, ventilators and humidifiers at Rentair!

Mobile airco hire in Belgium?

If you need a fast and affordable solution to lower the temperature within a building, hire a high performance mobile air conditioner for industrial or domestic usage at Rentair. Hiring an air conditioner, mobile airco unit or air cooler is easy at Rentair, we also take care of quick delivery and proper installation.

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Hire a mobile building dryer or specialized dryer to control flood damage?

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Rentair offers a full range of specialized mobile drying equipment to control water damage, minimize the effects of flooding, treat mould-infested areas and dry buildings.

We offer tailor-made solutions for each situation, while using condensation dryers, absorption dryers and building dryers. For dental and other practices we offer specialized dryers with low noise levels. Also we offer the largest mobile dryer in Europe, to fight humidity in larger buildings on construction sites or large warehouses.

Cooling and ventilation fans, industrial fans (with or without dust removing capabilities) and air purification

Rentair offers a wide range of ventilators, industrial fans, and air purification equipment. Ventilation is often used in combination with dryers for optimal results.

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25% van België weet al dat Rentair de laagste prijs heeft


levering binnen 24 uur


90% van de vragen binnen 1 dag afgehandeld